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Mobile Scaffolding

Climb to New Heights with Bennu’s Mobile Scaffolding

Are you a contracting business looking for a safe, reliable method for completing construction work for large commercial facilities and high-rise buildings? That’s a tall order to fill, literally! With scaffolding products, builders can get the height they need to complete their work. However, using traditional scaffolding can be incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming, creating other project issues. Instead, contractors trust Bennu Parts & Service for our innovative, high-quality mobile scaffolding for clients across the Midwest and East Coast.

Yellow Mobile Scaffolding manufactured by Bennu Parts

Traditional Versus Mobile

As mentioned, while traditional scaffolding is an effective method for providing height during construction, it doesn’t offer the same advantages as mobile scaffolding. In fact, our mobile elevating work platforms help contractors improve their productivity, increase worksite safety, and are more convenient to use. As such, when looking at traditional versus mobile scaffolding, it’s worth considering:

  • Convenience – When preparing a worksite, assembling and erecting scaffolding can take days or more to complete, while workers should focus on other tasks. On the other hand, mobile work platforms are self-contained systems. As long as you have a solid base under your platform, it doesn’t require an extensive setup to start using it.
  • Labor – Not only will you spend time and labor setting up traditional scaffolding, but using scaffolding requires significant effort from your contractors! After all, your team will climb ladders and haul materials up multiple levels for the entire project. Thankfully, our mobile platforms are powered by hydraulics, meaning you won’t waste precious manpower lifting workers and components.
  • Safety – Unfortunately, fall accidents are still one of the leading causes of death on construction sites. That’s why mast climbing work platforms incorporate incredible safety features that traditional scaffolding can’t match. Using mobile platforms, you are doing your part to reduce fall-related accidents.
  • Cost – Although it might seem like traditional scaffolding has mobile scaffolding beat in cost, work platforms are most cost-efficient over the long term. Thanks to hydraulic work platforms, you increase your crew’s productivity and reduce labor demands, contributing directly to your facility’s bottom line and profits.

What You Get with Bennu’s Platforms

When you want safety, quality, simplicity, and durability in your scaffolding platform system, Bennu Parts & Service has you covered. We produce exceptional continuous climb hydraulic work platforms that benefit all sizes of construction projects. Rather than struggle to set up traditional scaffolding, our mobile scaffolding for Midwestern and Eastern Coast contractors is your ticket to streamlining your construction efforts. As such, some of our work platform’s most notable features include:

A tall Mobile Scaffolding produced by Bennu Parts
  • Planetary Gear Box with Hydraulic Disc Brake and Motor that allows for smooth rolling up the mast
  • Spring-Loaded Safety Locking System (Safety Dog)
  • Counterbalance Valve that locks hydraulics if malfunctions occur
  • Option to Galvanize Units
  • Made in the USA
  • Single Button Operation
  • Self-leveling and ascends at full climbing speed with synchronization during elevation

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