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Work Platforms

Find the Best Work Platforms for Your Construction Business

When performing construction and maintenance along the façade of a facility, you require proper ladders and scaffolding to reach every inch. However, as any contractor knows too well, scaffolding and ladders can be a pain to set up and work with, no matter how essential they are to a project. Thankfully, for construction companies that value safety, efficiency, and productivity, there’s an alternative to standard scaffolding: innovative hydraulic work platforms. At Bennu Parts & Service, we provide customers in the Midwest, East Coast, and across the United States with safe and secure work platforms.

Raised Work Platforms, built by Bennu Parts

Don’t Struggle with Traditional Scaffolding

While plenty safe and secure, standard scaffolding products don’t offer the same advantages as hydraulic lifts and platforms. For example, scaffolding must be affixed properly to a facility’s exterior, while Bennu’s mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) don’t require such extensive setup. In addition to the ease of use, MEWPs benefit from greater convenience, reduced labor, and increased safety of your workers.

  • Greater Convenience
    • Unlike traditional scaffolding, which requires time-consuming assembly before use, hydraulic scaffolding can be easily moved to wherever needed and quickly adjusted to the correct height. This mobility allows for rapid repositioning around a project site, significantly reducing setup time and increasing overall workflow efficiency. Now, your contractors can get right to work!
  • Reduced Labor
    • Who’s stuck assembling and erecting scaffolding for a work site? That’s right, your crew! Even using scaffolding requires significantly more effort, with contractors having to climb and haul materials up several floors. Thankfully, our continuous climb hydraulic work platform has no labor-intensive setup. Furthermore, people and materials can be effortlessly lifted with the press of a button!
  • Increased Safety
    • Hydraulic work platforms notably enhance worker safety in several critical aspects. Firstly, their stability and reliable lifting mechanism reduce the risk of falls, a common hazard with traditional scaffolding. Additionally, the simplicity and rapidity of their deployment mean that safety protocols can be implemented more consistently and thoroughly, ensuring that work environments adhere to the highest safety standards.

What Are Our Scaffolding Platform System’s Features?

When it comes to quality and reliability, contractors turn to Bennu Parts & Service and our exceptional mobile scaffolding products. Our Series #1, #2 and #3 Scaffolding units work perfectly for various construction and maintenance projects. Additionally, our equipment includes specific safety features that go beyond what our competitors offer. For example, each scaffolding product includes:

Work Platforms designed and manufactured by Bennu Parts
  • Planetary Gear Box with Hydraulic Disc Brake and Motor that allows for smooth rolling up the mast
  • Spring-Loaded Safety Locking System (Safety Dog)
  • Counterbalance Valve that locks hydraulics if malfunctions occur
  • Option to Galvanize Units
  • Made in the USA
  • Single Button Operation
  • Self-leveling and ascends at full climbing speed with synchronization during elevation

Find the Best Platforms Around!

When your next construction project needs that “extra” bit of lift and you wish to avoid the trouble of placing traditional scaffolding, consider an investment in mobile work platforms from Bennu Parts & Service. To learn more about our platforms, see our product manuals, or purchase new/replacement parts for your lift, call 847-595-8444.