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Hydraulic Work Platforms

Achieve Peak Safety and Productivity with Bennu’s Hydraulic Work Platforms

Construction and maintenance of large commercial structures and buildings can prove challenging without the right equipment. However, some essential equipment, such as scaffolding, can be difficult to work with and less safe and reliable than other work platform options. As such, contractors throughout the Midwest and East Coast prefer the form and function of Bennu Parts and Service’s high-quality hydraulic work platforms. If you want to learn more about our advanced continuous climb scaffolding, call today!

Raised Hydraulic Work Platforms produced by Bennu Parts

Why Rely on Hydraulic Platform Systems?

As a contractor looking for ways to improve the productivity of your construction while ensuring your workers stay happy and safe, Bennu’s work platforms are your best bet. Each platform Bennu Parts produces is made from the highest quality materials, includes multiple safety features, and ensures easy operation for your contractors. With our hydraulic work platforms, you’ll have the flexibility and convenience you require to do extensive construction work at significant heights. Some of the benefits of utilizing hydraulic scaffolding systems include:

  • Convenience – Lifting workers and materials to any desired height is no longer a problem! Especially when construction limits passage to certain parts of a structure, our hydraulic scaffolding gives you the access you and your workers require.
  • Safety – While standard scaffoldings have certain protections that keep workers safe when using them, they don’t match the safety features of a hydraulic work platform. Bennu’s systems incorporate safety systems like redundant manual backup, spring-loaded safety dogs, an internal hydraulic brake, and more.
  • Speed – Unfortunately, setting up scaffolding precisely where needed can take days, cutting into your company’s productivity. Conversely, our mobile scaffolding can be in place within hours, allowing you and your team to scale multiple stories quickly and with little hassle.
  • Greater Cost Savings – While you might pay more upfront for hydraulic scaffolding than standard scaffolding, you’ll benefit significantly in the long term. Our hydraulic work platforms increase productivity and require less labor to set up and operate, which can translate to incredible cost savings.

What Can You Achieve with Bennu’s Products?

When it comes to exceptional quality, simple operation, and high availability for custom parts and components, Bennu Parts & Service has you covered. Our Series #1, #2 and #3 Scaffolding units are the best at what they do, giving contractors the uplift required to complete projects quickly, efficiently, and safely. With our innovative hydraulic work platforms, contractors across the Midwest, East Coast, and all parts of the United States can expect:

The underside of Hydraulic Work Platforms
  • Option to Galvanize Units
  • Made in the USA
  • Single Button Operation
  • Automatic Gearbox Brake
  • Spring-Loaded Lock
  • Counter Balance Valve

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When you and your contracting team wish to reach new heights (literally), you can count on Bennu Parts & Service and our innovative, exceptionally safe hydraulic work platforms. If you are interested in our products or require additional parts and service to maintain your mobile elevating work platforms in the Midwest and the East Coast, call 847-595-8444.